• At the World’s Gayest Party: Life Ball 2013

    Every year, the Life Ball packs a plane full of singers, drag queens, dancers, club promoters, press, DJs, and various hangers-on from New York nightlife's queerer corners and ships them over to the home of Mozart for the amusement of the Austrians and...

  • How to Hone Your Gaydar to Perfection

    These days with more and more social circles becoming sexually diverse, how can you tell if the guy swinging a glow stick next to you at some Bushwick "rave" is looking to put his pole in a hole or looking for another pole to pole all over his face?

  • The Red Marriage Equality Sign on Your Facebook Profile Is Completely Useless

    It's a big week in the fight for “marriage equality,” which is what most gay activists want us to call gay marriage. Right now gay activism needs all the help it can get. Know what’s not helping? Changing your Facebook profile picture to a silly red...

  • Guys, It's Time to Stop Shaving Your Junk

    There is nothing more disappointing than taking a new guy home for the first time and ripping his clothes off, only to find that he has "manscaped" himself to look like some sort of dude-shaped topiary.

  • That Time I Got in a Fight With a Male Stripper

    Driving out past the palm-lined strip malls and blinking neon motels, I knew that Swinging Richards was going to be the kind of place where you find trouble. After all, this place is far on the outskirts of Miami, near 174th Street with all the other...

  • Are You a Slut?

    If you're taking this quiz, then you probably already know the answer. Still, why not give your suspicions some validity?