urban legends

  • Growing Vegetables In Your Body Cavities Is All the Rage

    As kids, many of us were warned not to eat apple seeds or cherry pits for fear that we’d wake up one day to find a tree clawing its way out of our stomachs, Alien-style. For an unfortunate few, there may have been something to those urban...

  • There's Not Going to Be a Purge in Your Town

    America has a lot of problems with violence in the streets, but much of that violence is committed by law enforcement. So if you think there's a purge coming, you’re focusing your paranoia in the wrong direction.

  • High School Urban Sex Legends

    Do you know the story about the hot dog girl? It went something like this.

  • The Internet Is a Giant Lie Factory

    Even though the world wide web has made it easier than ever to disprove rumors and urban legends, there's still a lot of disinformation that goes viral thanks to the legions of people who will click "share" before checking to see if something is true.

  • The ATL Twins Would Like to Introduce You to the Li’l Twins

    The world has always been a really scary place, but it just got a little more terrifying now that we've been introduced to the Li’l Twins—the best buds of our favorite double-penetrating duo, the ATL Twins—in Matt Swinsky's twisted-ass video series...