• Our Cities Are Designed for Loneliness

    Our built environment is not working in our favor. Urban planners want to change that.

  • Love Binge

    For 14 years, I photographed girls in upstate New York who were growing up the same way I did, with limited means in an American culture that promotes escapism through constant consumption.

  • The Young and the Uncared For

    The dark truths behind our obsession with self-care.

  • Going Underground

    The resurgence in clinical trials into the effectiveness of LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin in treating depression and trauma has received widespread publicity. But outside the labs, regular people are taking psychedelic therapy into their own hands.

  • When Dismantling Power Dismantles You Instead

    In the Trump era, many see activism as more vital than ever. But what happens when it takes a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health?

  • Joy Ride

    Escaping from our hell world with 500 biker chicks.

  • When Racism Anchors Your Health

    An exploration of health disparities in America shows that even if you’re a black American in 2018 with a sound bank account, you can’t buy whiteness.

  • The Death of Death

    What young people can learn from a society of aging immortalists trying to live long enough to live forever.

  • MAGA Mouse

    As our politics invade the amusement park, is Disney World even a vacation destination any longer?

  • The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's December Issue

    Our magic mushroom cover star was inspired by LSD tab art and printed on custom blotter paper. Here's how it came together.

  • The Psychedelic Resistance

    We live our lives increasingly locked into screen time, distanced from nature and each other by modern capitalism and divisive politics. It’s no surprise that illegal use of psychedelics is on the rise.

  • We’re All Burned Out and Trying to Escape It

    Poor mental health is not unique to one generation, but Gen Y and Gen Z are connected and responsive 24/7. It’s no wonder they’re increasingly turning to drugs as an antidote to our digital dystopia.