Venezuela rising

  • Venezuela Rising

    On March 8, thousands gathered in the center of Caracas yet again to protest the food shortages in Venezuela, which they hold the government responsible for.

  • Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Five

    Amid anti-government protests, thousands of pro-government Chavistas gathered for the anniversary of the country’s late leader, Hugo Chávez.

  • Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Four

    At a construction site near Altamira Square protesters were scavenging materials to use as weapons and to build barricades.

  • Venezuela Rising

    Yesterday in Caracas, Venezuela, thousands of citizens gathered to mark a year since the passing of the country's late president Hugo Chavez. Meanwhile, across town, protests by anti-government activists continued, unabated.

  • Live: On the Ground in Caracas

    VICE News's Alex Miller is on the ground in Caracas, Venezuela, reporting live, as hundreds of demonstrators take to the streets.

  • Venezuela Rising

    Over the past six weeks in Venezuela, a coalition of political groups opposed to the President—Nicolas Maduro—and students angry over dramatic crime rates have taken to the streets in mass demonstrations.