VICE Guide to Las Vegas

  • The VICE Guide to Los Angeles: Getting Around

    Regardless of what you think you've gleaned from the movie 'Speed,' LA's public transportation is lacking. You should probably get a car.

  • The VICE Guide to Los Angeles: Neighborhoods We Like

    Here's a helpful list of the neighborhoods you should comb through when you're ready to move to LA.

  • Map of Las Vegas

    VICE's map of Las Vegas.

  • Gun Fun

    By this point you’ve no doubt squandered all of your money on excessive amounts of drugs and purchased sex. Now it’s time to take some power back and get your anger in check, and what better way than to shoot a terrorist in the face?

  • Tidbits

    Everywhere is more fun with booze. You know what’s not fun without booze? Staying at your girlfriend’s parents’ cottage, Muslim weddings, AA BBQs, a week at Grandma’s, and the war in Iraq.

  • What Else...

    Unless you’ve got some local friends to guide you safely through the riffraff on the periphery (in which case this guide is already a bit unnecessary) these are the two areas you’re going to be locked in for your stay.