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  • Road to Ruin

    The roots of the conflict in Syria stretch back centuries—namely to the battle between the Sunni Muslim majority and a mystical-Shia sect known as the Alawites. This timeline provides some context to the recent bloodletting and its supremely convoluted...

  • The VICE Guide to School

    Going to school in the 21st century is much like it's always been, i.e. like walking a horrible, horrible tightrope of anxiety and embarrassment. Lucky for you, I possess the authority to help guide you through this terrible time. So spit out that gum...

  • The VICE Guide to Dating Rich Girls

    As long as you realize she only keeps you around to annoy her parents, it's gonna be fun.

  • The VICE Guide To Russia

    Russia is poisoned. It's poisoned from shitty old cars running on leaded 76-octane fuel and it's poisoned from decades of Soviet waste. Its capital is the largest city in Europe and the most polluted.

  • The VICE Guide to Partying

    Party hosting isn't something one can just dive into headlong and willy-nilly.