VICE Is Ten: Best of VICE

  • We Went to a Foam Party in Magaluf

    Last week, some PR company offered to fly me to Magaluf to write about some club. I have no idea why they asked me, or why they wanted their club in VICE, but I can't afford to go away this summer. So heeere we go!

  • Suiting Up, Crusting Down

    Recently London was tousled by a series of riots led by outraged anarchists who were probably just really bored. As usual, it looked like a good time.

  • The (ex) Biggest Heroin Dealer in the Whole Wide World

    By the time Suleyman Ergun was 21 years old, he was the world's most prolific and powerful seller of smack.

  • Hey DJ, Fuck You!

    You know that thing called DJing? Playing records in bars or at stupid art openings for money? Guess what DJing is? The biggest fucking bullshit con of all time!