• Italian Porn Star Rocco Siffredi Has Given Up Sex for the World Cup

    He considers Italy's 2006 victory the best orgasm he's ever had.

  • I Went to a Promise Ring Show and Took an Abstinence Pledge

    Groups all across America are still trying to persuade teenagers to choose abstinence over safe sex. For some in the Bible Belt, it's working.

  • The Week In GIFs

    Sup, dawg? I'll tell you sup: The Week In GIFs. GIF OR DIE, DAWG!!!

  • I Went to See My Friend Lose His Virginity in Public

    Remember Clayton Pettet? The 19-year-old who, six months ago, said he was going to publicly lose his virginity in the name of art? His virginity was one of the most in-demand ever. He sifted through 10,000 applications to whittle the audience down to...

  • Sci-Fi Doesn't Have to Be Dominated by Horny Bro Wizards

    In a genre where supposedly Anything Goes, where the boundaries of narrative and potential reality are not only immaterial, but also intended to be shattered with pure acts of what-the-fuck, I’ve always been baffled by how 90 percent of science fiction...

  • Sacrificing Virgins

    Back in the day, if you wanted God to bless your crops and make them grow high to the heavens, you prayed for rain. If that didn't work, you built a temple or maybe slaughtered a goat. And if that didn't work, well, then you just hacked up the nearest...