• Did Mammals Evolve Snake Eyes?

    Our cross-cultural aversion to slithering, bastard snakes isn't just hard-wired into our brains, it could also be the very reason our pre-primate ancestors developed such sophisticated vision. A new study helps confirm what some scientists call the...

  • Flex Your Eyeballs With The Midnight Moment Eye Test

    Global design consultancy, 2x4, submitted this video in part of the largest coordinated effort to display synchronized content on billboards and newspaper kiosks in Times Square.

  • X-Ray Vision Is Coming, Here's How

    In reality, x-ray vision is no longer science fiction. It’s not quite like Superman — squint and see the neighbors planning a terrorist attack — but this year scientists have developed a couple of ways to potentially let you see through walls.

  • Claude Monet Had Trippy Ultraviolet Vision

    It's the painter's perennial conundrum: How does one interpret reality, so it, you know, doesn't look like everybody else's? While many painters across the canvas of history may resort to the occasional LSD or opium bomb, it turns out all Claude Monet...

  • Spiders are Deadliest When Seeing Green

    Animals have evolved to have specialized vision, or other augmented systems (think bats and sonar) adapted to their hunting habits since the beginning of time, but now another variable that affects focal depth of field can be added to the list: color...

  • Let's Give Our Old Folks Fancy Self-Driving Google Cars

    Using a customized driving simulation, researchers have found that elderly drivers noticed only half as many simulated pedestrian hazards, and appropriately braked half as often, as non-elderly drivers. That’s double disconcerting.