Volume 0 Issue los-angeles

  • Eating in Hollywood

    West Hollywood is still primarily boystown last time we checked, and rich. Hollywood proper is old Hasidic families in the Fairfax District who hate the youngsters who've moved in. Everyone hates the Hills-type kids and guys who wear Ed Hardy...

  • Eating Downtown and in Mid-City

    You got your crack alleys and tent cities, as well as wannabe artists in lofts and longtime Chinatown and Little Tokyo residents. It's supposedly getting cooler-but people have been saying that for years. Santee Alley is like NYC's Canal Street. There...

  • And About the Other Drugs

    Tourism can take some strange turns. Every year an estimated 40 million people cross over into Tijuana to buy drugs: the pharmacy kind. That's right.

  • Places to Go When Someone Else Is Paying

    If you have an expense account or work in "The Industry" or are just an LA gold digger, then you've probably been to a lot of these places already. If not, here's a list of places to suggest to your boss on Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day...

  • Eating in South Central

    Whites are the minority here; it's mostly a black and Hispanic population, except USC-a lot of rich white kids there. Be careful which alley you accidentally drive down. There are lots of couches on front porches and bars on windows.

  • Where to Eat Late at Night

    LA is not a late-night city, what with the 2 AM closing time, the 1:30 AM last call, and lazy bartenders who sometimes even set the bar clocks fast so they can call it at like 1:10. But for you, the champagne and cocaine don’t stop flowing until 5 AM...

  • San Bernardino County

    San Bernardino is the largest county in the lower 48 -- the kind of place where both the Olive Garden and the San Bernardino Fire Department get five-star ratings on Yelp and cities like Fontana are referred to as Fontucky.

  • Traffic Tips for Tourists (and Transplants)

    First and foremost, you must have a car in LA. If you visit, you must rent a car. Cabs are laughably expensive and no one wants to drive your sorry ass around everywhere. Walking is out of the question

  • Eating in Los Angeles

    You can go ahead and disagree with us when we say that the LA food scene has always been sort of grim. (Shut up, transplants-after you find yourself eating Mexican for 17 years you'll stop yammering about how coooool those burrito stands are.) Until...

  • Welcome to Southern California

    Southern California is a giant mess of freeways, beaches, desert, a few mountains here and there, and strip malls. No shit, that’s pretty much all they have, especially the strip-mall part of that description. Finding a stand-alone establishment...