Volume 10 Issue 2

  • Exploding Milkshakes

    Andy Jenkinson discusses Acid, skiing and Chelmsford Wimpy.

  • & Stoned

    Lots of moody lights and the smell of burning herbs.

  • Who Put The H In Country?

    Country's favourite junkie fuck-ups make Sid Vicious look like Justin Bieber.

  • Juvenile Hell

    Littles discusses selling crack and shooting at the cops.

  • My America

    Valentine’s Day is a much too vivid and unwelcome reminder of what losers we are.

  • Getting The Fear

    Can you feel the threat of imminent annihilation reaching for your throat?

  • The Merits Of War

    Bill McGowan and Scott McConnell drink beers and talk wars.

  • Beats And Rhymes

    Fritz reviews more rap, including MF Doom, Chops and the Mountain Brothers.

  • Tidbits

    Pot earrings, riot dolls and Ram Rod cigars.

  • Electric Independence

    Germany gave us Bach and Kraftwerk. We gave them Bryan Adams and David Fucking Hasselhoff.

  • Saddam Sucks

    Saddam Hussein - The mother of all dictators.

  • God Bless The West

    No one cares about the Old West. There was a time when people cared, but that was 1988.