Volume 18 Issue 11

  • Scorchio!

    For this fashion story, we put a couple of chicas in front of a green screen and asked them to tell us the weather. They're not really meteorologists, but they are smoking hot, and that has to count for something. There, we've spared you...

  • Make a Dumbful Noise

    Remember at the beginning of the 90s when normal people got into Garth Brooks and "Time" magazine was running articles called things like "Has Country Gone City?" It was a tense moment.

  • Dinosaur Island - Part 1

    Hey, look at this guy! Mr. Surfin' Safari!

  • Janet

    I smell my blood. It smells like shit. If a vampire came along he'd probably turn the other way.

  • Miss Juniper's Dating Disasters - Part 2

    Look gang! It's Juniper!! And she's on a date!

  • A Couple Threats

    Somehow, someway, we persuaded Amelia Gray to give us a super-duper-early sneak peek at her first novel, "THREATS," in the form of two excerpted chapters.

  • Dark Souls

    The great virtue of "Dark Souls" is the sense of ownership it bestows on those who master it.

  • Gypsy Paradise Lost

    Dale Farm near Basildon, Essex, was the largest illegal Gypsy residence in Europe. Clearing it out wasn't easy.

  • Shroom Ban

    In the bucolic pastures of Hazerswoude-Dorp lies a quaint Dutch farm that functions as the world's largest psilocybin-containing-truffle factory.

  • World Famous Street Artist Sheephead Farley

    Aw shit...It's paparazzi!

  • Coon-Suit Riot

    Despite what the fashion industry says, manufacturing a suit of feral raccoons is not overly complicated.


    Photos by Ben Ritter, Stylist: Annette Lamothe-Ramos