Volume 19 Issue 11

  • Baristas

    I started taking steroids yesterday as an act of thanks and joyous celebration. I felt it was my duty as a native of New Jersey.

  • The October War

    I’m working on a little personal film about the October War. I need to say something about my people’s persecution. What a mess it is over there. Such a happy little place surrounded by nothing but enemies. Haven’t we gone through enough already?!

  • Solo Piano Music

    Before reading the official report, the investigator announced his intention to use every tool at his disposal to protect Fateh. He kicked out everyone who had gathered—the journalists, political activists, civil-society organizations, and curious...

  • Prelude to 'Solo Piano Music'

    Like much of the literary elite in Syria, Fawwaz Haddad has watched his country disintegrate over the past 20 months. His stories explore the limits placed on Syrian society, zig-zagging between high-minded principles and the dirty business of everyday...

  • Displaced Verse

    In Syria, controversial poet Mohamad Alaaedin Abdul Moulawas earned a reputation as a sort of Arabic Henry Miller. Mohamad now lives in Mexico. He fled Syria just before the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s forces decided to turn his country into a pile of...

  • Interviews with an FSA Media-Center Coordinator and a Doctor in Aleppo

    Today, we're serving up two interviews Robert King conducted in the field with Ahmed Al-Hajji, an FSA media-center coordinator in Aleppo, and Dr. Osman, a doctor at a hospital in Aleppo.