Volume 19 Issue 8

  • How to Punch Out a Paparazzo

    Socking a pap isn’t that hard. You too can be immortalized for punching some guy trying to take a photo of you, just like Sean Penn, Kanye West, Quentin Tarantino, and Chris Martin, by following these five easy steps.

  • Witness the Whiteness

    America isn’t so white. But because the collective consciousness moves as fast and elegantly as you do jogging in a hot tub following diazepam and margaritas, whiteness remains understood as this abstract, almost-imaginary but deeply embedded dominant...

  • The Will to Kill

    'Real Deal Magazine' is one of the most influential comics of the 90s. It was violent, hilarious, and unapologetically black.

  • Tuck It All in There

    I wanted to get closer to latex’s special type of power, so I followed it to its source—Japaratinga, Brazil. There I met Willi Graber, a Swiss fetishist who established the communal kink-factory of his dreams in a beachside jungle, just an hour's drive...

  • This Machine Makes Orgasms

    The Multistim looks complicated and vaguely threatening, but if you hook your vibrator up to it, it transforms into a super vibrator that has the potential to make women with anorgasmia quiver like Mexican jumping beans being held by an epileptic.

  • Panty Pops

    "I don't know a whole lot about religion—aside from the fact that Easter candy is delicious and I thank God for it every April—but I imagine that the feeling that watching Panty Pops gives you, a "religious experience."

  • Little Kinjiro

    Growing up, the 18th century philosopher Ninomiya Kinjiro never had time to study because he was always working, so he would read while he worked. In his honor, bronze statues depicting him reading and carrying firewood were erected all over Japan, but...

  • The Baseball Slugger

    Hiro Kurata's obsession with baseball gave birth to a character he calls the “Baseball Slugger,” the hero of his surreal scenes. His paintings are chaotic, confusing, and twisted—an obvious reflection on the world’s condition.

  • Some Serious Thought Was Put Into This Retarded Doll

    In May, a very special doll began showing up in stores in Sweden. According to the package, it was supposed to have cerebral palsy. “The retard doll GIL. Treat her like a real retard!” the label read, while the Facebook page for the doll added, “She...

  • Who Needs FIFA?

    This summer most of the developed world watched Euro 2012 in the comfort of air conditioning, releasing beer farts into couchs. But in Darfur, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, Western Sahara, and a handful of other places, all eyes were on Erbil, the capital of...

  • Nailed It

    Getting your nails done normally involves noxious chemicals and boring conversations. But the Nailympics is actually something we would pay to attend. It's a competition between Nailympians and the results are impractical, beautiful, and a little...

  • Scalps Ahoy

    Propeller-inflicted deaths and injuries have become such a serious public health issue in the poverty-stricken Brazilian Amazon. AMRVEA got together with the government and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons to give 87 scalping victims free...