Volume 20 Issue 5

  • Obedience School

    Have you ever tried to mop up the floodwaters of a squirter? FEMA and the Red Cross combined would be ill-equipped to handle the task; there just aren't enough sandbags on earth to hold back those tides.

  • The Soul of UK Garage, Photographed by Ewen Spencer

    It's clear that we didn't appreciate UK garage enough. One man who was definitely there, however, is photographer Ewen Spencer. His latest project concerns the lauded, but still somewhat undocumented, world of UKG, and comes in the form of a new book...

  • Listen to Rat Tail's Debut Single "Introducing Rat Tail"

    Earlier this month, we shared with you the lyrics to the mysterious rapper Rat Tail's lost classic "Introducing Rat Tail." Today Rat Tail's whereabouts are unknown, but his music lives on. Thanks to us, you can stream the legendary rapper's debut track...

  • The Subterranean Scene

    Local gangs known as combos made up of reguetoneros (“reggaeton fans”) in their late teens and early 20s haunt the subway stations of Mexico City. Most combos are guilty of general rowdiness and huffing chemicals in public, like American greasers and...

  • George's Fun Happy Place

    George is ill and has a huge scar on the side of his body from surgery. He is in constant pain, but for whatever reason, the pressure of being buried in the sand or walked on gives him temporary relief. He has a lot of problems to overcome, but he's...

  • Pump It Up

    Photos by Anna Ryon, styling by Lola Chatterton.

  • Deportee Purgatory

    About 40 percent of Mexican immigrants deported from the US are sent back through Tijuana. Many of the deported border crossers have established a makeshift shantytown inside a dry, concrete riverbed where the Tijuana River once flowed—called 'El Bordo.'

  • Here Comes the White-Power Safety Patrol

    Matthew has formed a group called the White Student Union that advocates for “persons of European heritage”—what most of us call “white people.” It comes as a surprise to the African American students who feel targeted by the night patrols Matthew...

  • Thought and Memory

    Back in 2008, when my first novel, 'A Tree Grows in Baghdad,' came out, my publisher sent me on a West Coast tour. Sometimes folks came out in droves, sometimes they didn’t. It was great to see my public, regardless. I found I liked signing books. I...

  • VICE Endorses Jipson Talmadge

    Jipson Talmadge is a 32-year-old resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, occasional crasher of couches in Manhattan, and VICE's choice for the next mayor of New York City with his plan for an "ALL-BIKE NEW YORK!"

  • Austerity's Drug of Choice

    Greece's infamous new drug, sisa, is basically meth and filler ingredients like battery acid, engine oil, shampoo, and cooking salt. The majority of its users are poor, often homeless, city dwellers reeling from the psychological and physical impacts...

  • The Wizard of the Saddle Rides Again

    In the middle of a park in Memphis, Tennessee, stands a statue of Confederate Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest, one of the most infamous and powerful racists in American history.