Volume 21 Issue 5

  • The Jazz Chauffeur Who Kicked Off a Political Scandal in 1960s Britain

    Johnny Edgecombe, known to his friends as “the Edge,” was a hustler, a chauffeur for the biggest names in England's jazz scene, and an odd figure in a major political scandal that ended up sending him to prison for seven years.

  • Inside Out

    Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a pervy TSA agent, just scanning through endless bodies all day long? Or to have the ultimate clichéd superpower of X-ray vision? Well, it's time for a big reveal.

  • Fucking Horrifying Basketball Blo-Files

    LeBron, Shaquille, Kobe, McHale—all your favorite NBA stars sucking slimy alien cocks.

  • The Lost Tapes 3

    The spring of 2000 was a different time. It was an age of innocence before George W. Bush destroyed humanity and before one could watch pornography on a cell phone in an airplane bathroom to calm in-flight nerves.

  • Sweet Love Organic eCig Flavors

    Like many, I struggled with cigarette addiction. I would fill my spirit with smoke, ash, and tar, forever lying to myself that I was ready to quit.

  • How the Danish Legal System Gave Away Thomas Altheimer’s Identity

    Although the The Sovereign presents Danish artist Thomas Altheimer as a fictional character, he is referred to by his full legal name. The text includes his actual home address, the names of his children, and passages from his blog and private...