Volume 21 Issue 7

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Atlantic Wall

    The beachhead is submerged at high tide, so the cliffs form a sheer wall that plunges straight into the sea. As the tide recedes, the waves peel back to reveal a surface pockmarked with thousands of small craters, cavities lined with algae into which...

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Walk in the Woods

    Thomas Albdorf makes beautiful images and then gives them titles like this: The Blooming of the Daffodil Flower Between May and June Leads Many Tourists Towards Lunzer Lake. Get into it!

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: From Off to On

    From Off to On is a photo series by German photographer Marina Rosa Weigl. It's like Asger Carlsen meets a Lynchian interpretation of Black Sabbath's Paranoid.

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Zoë Le Ber

    We talked to artist and filmmaker Zoë Le Ber about her creative background, the role of history in her work, and the power of spirituality.

  • A Brief Anthology of ‘Quotations’

    Susan Sontag closes her seminal book On Photography with a “brief anthology of quotations”—compiling remarks from various brilliant people on the topic. The following statements are a variation on Sontag’s original collection of quotes—misheard...

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Cindy Sherman, Cover Girl (Vogue) 1975/2011

    While an art student at Buffalo State College in 1975, Cindy Sherman photographed herself on the cover of Vogue as Jerry Hall, the supermodel girlfriend of Mick Jagger.

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Third Skin

    These pictures add to an ongoing body of work in which Michael Marcelle casts his family and their small town on the Jersey Shore as characters in a bizarre and vibrant horror movie.

  • Rose Marie Cromwell: Wild Blooms of Bushwick

    "The life of a flower is a fleeting moment, and it's this ephemeral nature that makes flowers so desirable. Perhaps an artificial flower represents an attempt to conquer death; a very human attempt, which imbues plastic flowers with their own aura of...

  • From the VICE Photo Issue 2014: Cole Don Kelley

    These photos by Paris, Texas–based photographer Cole Don Kelley are weird and beautiful, and while they're not overtly Texan, there's something not particularly East Coast about them. It didn't take long for us to agree that they should be given lots...

  • Weegee's Pre-Photoshop Darkroom Distortions

    Arthur Fellig a.k.a. Weegee is a legendary New York street photographer known for the crime scene photos he took while on tour with the city's emergency services. Here are a couple of his darkroom distortions, which originally appeared in our brand new...

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Doubles

    "The photos originated from these class portraits I started in 1999, taking girls who just got out of school and taking a class photo of them. And then it turned into this thing where, if they got their clothes on, I should shoot the exact same shot...

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Zu Nah

    These photos came from VICE Germany and they're wonderful. It's food that looks like pussy. What else can you say?