Volume 22 Issue 9a

  • This Architect Specializes in Making Australian Prisons Pleasant

    Kavan Applegate works to create small town environments within Australian prisons that replicate society and help prisoners transition back into the community.

  • Photos of Australian Workers Assembling Chinese-Made Prison Cells

    For these factory workers, putting together prefab cells is just like any other job.

  • The Man Who Wasn’t There

    In 2010 one of Australia's most notorious crime bosses, Carl Williams, was murdered at Victoria's Barwon Prison. A little over a year later the prison's general manager, David Prideaux, disappeared on a hunting trip. His body has never been found.

  • How Fear Helped Build Australia's Supermax Prisons

    From bikers to terrorists, supermax prisons are a holding pen for the country's worst nightmares.

  • Final Word: An Email from Peter Nash

    Brisbane-born former Silk Road moderator Peter Nash spent six months in an Australian prison, followed by 11 months at NYC's Metropolitan Remand Center. He declined an interview request but gave his permission to print this email.

  • State of the Nation

    Incarceration today is a massive undertaking that employs thousands, costs billions, and yields a complex set of results—some of which are outlined on these pages.