Volume 23 Issue 9

  • 'Undergrad'

    The narrator recounts six brushes with rape in college. In short troubling episodes, he describes things he heard and victims he met—both accuser and accused.

  • 'Love Stories' by Ottessa Moshfegh

    Power oscillates between a man and woman who are trying to make something happen, but can never quite get there.

  • 'Hell,' a Short Story by Benjamin Nugent

    A professional interrogator teaches frat boys how to run a proper hell week.

  • 'Family Picnic,' a Short Story by Robert Coover

    A family takes a picnic in their new smart car. They are attacked by helicopters and have other troubles.

  • 'Job Market'

    A divorced man remembers the last days of his marriage, when he tried to convince his wife to get a job.

  • 'He Had Tried to Have His Testicles Removed on the NHS'

    A metaphysical meditation on the meaning of life, told in the form of the spiritual awakening of a man who wanted to be a woman in Britain.

  • VICE Magazine's Tenth Annual Fiction Issue Is Now Online

    Ten years ago, it felt like there were a lot of big magazines publishing fiction. In 2016, we are one of the few magazines that still publishes fiction in almost every issue, in addition to this, our yearly fiction issue. That's something.