Walter Foods

  • Meatball Subs Recipe

    Pork and veal balls, mozzarella, and red sauce, all stuffed in a baguette.

  • Flavours of Brooklyn: Williamsburg

    Ramen burgers, dulce de leche doughnuts, lobster rolls, duck sausage ice cream, and a bar entirely dedicated to matcha? Must be Williamsburg.

  • Walter Foods, Williamsburg

    “A lot of people want to see change but a lot of people get mad when they do. So we have four or five dishes on the menu, which have always been there.”

  • Walter's

    So you're an all-American boy, and you meet a potential sex partner who doesn't seem terrible on OkCupid. After the second date things are looking pretty decent, and now you need a not-too-expensive place to go for dinner and drinks that also has to be...

  • How to Eat in Brooklyn

    Here’s some great places in Brooklyn where you can fully nosh yourself to nirvana.