werewolf jones

  • The Terrifying Children of Werewolf Jones

    Werewolf Jones's sex party guests are gone, but unfortunately his awful kids have shown up.

  • The Party Is Over

    Owl finally blows his top at Werewolf Jones.

  • Owl Is Furious

    Werewolf Jones has turned Owl's house into a fuck zone and Owl is losing his shit.

  • Dracula Jr. Totally Sucks

    While our heroes were in Amsterdam, Werewolf Jones turned their home into an official "fuck zone."

  • Everyone Got Herpes from Werewolf Jones

    Werewolf Jones is lonely, drunk, and not all that apologetic about spreading his STD around.

  • Werewolf Jones Has Feelings for You

    Megg and Mogg are having a terrible time in Amsterdam, but Owl's not doing too well back home. He is currently burdened with the company of Werewolf Jones, the grossest person ever.

  • Owl's Finally Home Alone

    While his piggish roommates are off in Amsterdam, Owl is taking the opportunity to clean the apartment and take a romantic bath. But here comes Werewolf Jones to fuck everything up!

  • Megg, Booger, and Werewolf Jones

    Megg ditches Mogg and Owl to go for a nice outing with Werewolf Jones and Booger. There are some gender-related confrontations. It's a laugh riot.