what we learned in 2014

  • What We Learned About Australia in 2015

    Mostly Australia lived up to its global reputation as the world's largest trailer park.

  • What We Learned About Rape Culture in 2014

    The term "rape culture" is a neat shorthand people use when acknowledging that we, as a society, enable, excuse, and even encourage rape in myriad, overlapping, often immensely complicated ways.

  • ​What We Learned About Sex in 2014

    Technology is changing the way we have sex, "rosebudding" is a thing, the British government can't handle face-sitting, and everybody likes butts.

  • ​All the Books I Read in 2014

    You might think literature is a dying art, but there are more books now than ever. This year the stacks on stacks piled up around me. Here's a list, in chronological order, of what I read.

  • 2014 Was a Desperate Year for UK Celebrities

    Being "famous" now apparently means humiliating yourself over and over like you're a perpetual game show contestant.

  • Los Angeles Sucked and Ruled in 2014

    Our police aren't always as racist as we thought, wealthy Westsiders are responsible for our whooping cough epidemic, and there are apparently ways to get around town besides driving. Oh, and the Lakers still suck.