where to eat in paris

  • How Parisian Cops Eat

    I spent an afternoon with French cops to see if their lunches were better than the cliche stereotype of doughnut-eating American policemen.

  • This Paris Chef Is Putting Thai Chilies Where They Don't Belong

    Haan Palcu-Chang of Le Mary Celeste isn't trying to reinvent French cuisine—he just likes things spicy. At his Paris restaurant, he laces at least half of his dishes with chilies, but he still keeps an emergency supply of bread around for old-school...

  • Young Chefs Have Rapidly Improved the Parisian Dining Scene

    As a foreigner to Paris, I've noticed a positive shift in the dining scene since I moved here five years ago and opened my restaurant, Bones. That's not to say the older crowd are entirely down with the casual fine dining thing, though.