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  • The Impossible Quest to Catalog a Decade of NYC Street Art

    "I see next to no good street art anymore," says photographer Katherine Lorimer (a.k.a. Luna Park), the author of '(Un)Sanctioned,' a new book documenting the peak and decline of NYC street art, as well as the illegal graffiti that's as strong as ever.

  • The Cleanup of Detroit Has Erased Graffiti History

    I was shocked when I drove through Detroit earlier this year. Throughout much of the city, the buff had advanced like an unstoppable disease—the best graffiti had been covered in blotchy gray and white paint. What happened to the one-time graf mecca?

  • How Tokyo Became Asia’s Graffiti Capital

    In most of Asia, the practice of illegal bombing has been around for less than a decade. Tokyo, however, is an exception. I went out with one of the city's longest-active and most prominent vandals to get an inside look at Japanese graff.