zine police

  • The Blobby Boys Kill Fashion Cat

    Alex Schubert is missing so guest artists are filling in for him. This week Jason Ramirez tells a story in which some Blobby Boy mice kill a very drunk Fashion Cat.

  • Paying Taxes

    Until Alex Schubert is returned by the kidnappers, his comic is being drawn by cartoonists praying for his safe return. This week, Matthew Houston captures the Boys as they try to do their taxes.

  • Sriracha Factory

    Until Alex Schubert gets out of jail for that prank of his that went tragically awry, his comics are being handled by cartoonists who survived his misguided joke. This week, the Blobbys are living in a Srirachi factory.

  • Falling in Love

    While Alex Schubert is missing, his celebrity pals are drawing his comic for him. Please return home safely, Alex. We forgive you for whatever you did.

  • High School

    This week, we flashback to Fashion Cat's horrible high school years.

  • Kristen Wiig

    Fashion Cat is at Seth Rogen's house, and Kristen Wiig won't even look at him.

  • Merry Christmas, Fashion Cat

    It's Christmas in Los Angeles, so Fashion Cat rides his motorcycle to the Observatory to meet with God.

  • David Letterman

    Fashion Cat is a powerful and important artist who is a cat. This time around, Fashion Cat is having a nightmarish appearance on David Letterman.