The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

The Truth About Male Birth Control

Where the hell is it?

by VICE Staff
31 March 2019, 5:39am

Illustration by Lucy Han

For years, headlines have promised that birth control for cis men is just around the corner. But it’s still not on the market—so, obviously, the truth is more complicated. In their recent story for Broadly, Marie Solis and Leila Ettachfini explain that these headlines have been frustrating not only for those of us eager for men to share the burden of birth control, but also for doctors and researchers who know the truth: A future in which male birth control is available to the public is still far away. So on this episode of The VICE Guide To Right Now Podcast, Solis and Ettachfini walk us through just how long we may be waiting—and why.

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This article originally appeared on VICE US.