These Are the VICE Shows You Can Watch Now on NEON

All your favourites are streaming now.
10 February 2020, 3:12am
Action Bronson VICE

This article is created in partnership with NEON, the streaming service home to all your favourite VICE content.

VICE has arrived on NEON. That means loads and loads of your favourite shows, available to stream on-demand, anytime you like. What a time to be alive.


If Pornhub has taught us anything, it's that whatever your preference when it comes to filth, you're not alone. Columnist Karley Sciortino is on a journey of sex-positive voyeurism that challenges our notions of gender, sexuality and relationships. This time around, she takes part in a "genital show and tell" with an 89-year-old professional masturbator, becomes a VR porn avatar, meets a "sacred yoni alchemist" who teaches people how to love their pussy, and tries her hand at sexual witchcraft. Because all we really want is to be accepted for the freaks we are, right? This is a different kind of sex education.

Watch Slutever here.


Damian Abraham, the vocalist in hardcore band Fucked Up, takes a tour through the masterful, gruelling and sometimes ferocious subcultures that exist on the fringes of professional wrestling. From the impact of Trump’s policies on the indie Lucha Libre wrestling scene to Mexico's gender-defying ‘exoticos’ to ‘voodoo catch wrestling’ in the Congo, Abraham demonstrates that there is more to pro-wrestling than the high-profile, corporate events you see on WWE. He also takes a close look at wrestling's most violent subculture – the Deathmatch. Battling it out with razor blades, shattered glass and barbed wire losing a serious amount of blood in the process, these hardcore contenders challenge the notion that the whole sport is fake.

Watch The Wrestlers here.


Mysterious deaths, mistreatment rumours and out-of-ring controversies have long plagued the world of professional wrestling. But in a sport where brute force meets fantasy theatrics, is it ever possible to find truth in the squared circle? In this six-part documentary series (endorsed by The Rock!!), VICE meets heroes and heels, managers and families to find out what really happened behind the scenes during the golden age of wrestling.

Watch Dark Side of the Ring here.


This isn't a show about the finer things in life; it's about the finest things in life. 2 Chainz and his best buddy, the French bulldog Trappy, are on a mission to find the highest tier luxury items the world has to offer, from weed-infused chicken wings to bottled Canadian air.

Watch Most Expensivest here.


At the intersection of violence and stability, of progress and oppression, are women. Gloria Steinem guides us through the women who are shaping not just their own futures, but ours too.

Watch Woman here.


Dead Set on Life is a culinary adventure and travel show hosted by Matty Matheson, the best thing to come out of Canada since maple syrup. From $6 gas stations subs to the most exotic eats on the planet, Matty devours it all.

Watch Dead Set on Life here.


The Wire's Michael K Williams presents this documentary series exploring the world of illicit trade, from the poachers who kill pangolin for traditional medicine to heroin users forced to steal and sell supermarket meat.

Watch Black Market here.


Action Bronson is joined by his friends The Alchemist, Big Body Bes and Mayhem Lauren to discover the world's most fucking delicious food and wine, which means everything from fried chicken off a car boot to takeaway spaghetti in the hot tub.

Watch F*** that's Delicious here.


Three teams of skaters compete on the road trip of a lifetime to win Thrasher's annual title, becoming King of the Road heroes and icons of the sport. Unfortunately for them, this isn't just a challenge to see who can nail the best ollie; they also have to do extremely weird shit, like pee into their own mouths and shit in the team van.

Watch King of the Road here.


Tattooing is no longer an art form reserved for society's fringes. Now a global phenomenon, what does inking yourself really mean in the modern age? Artist and activist Grace Neutral travels the world meeting tattooists and fanatics to find out why body art is worth the pain, even if it means risking prison or social exclusion.

Watch Needles and Pins here.


VICE gets on the field and into the ring through a series of compelling stories at the fringe of culture and politics.

Watch VICE World of Sports here.


What does weed really mean for society? Krishna Andavolu investigates.

Watch Weediquette here.


Diplo takes us behind the scenes of his A-lister life, hanging out with Skrillex to write a banging new track and spending the day with the wrong sick child.

Watch What Would Diplo Do? here.


Tyler, the Creator explores the things he loves and the ways they work, meeting with experts who help him invent and innovate in ways only Tyler could. The show centres around the rapper and all-around creative weirdo learning how his favourite things are made. Join Tyler as he learns about everything from go-karts, animation, maple syrup, trainers and dives into the depths of time travel with special guest Neil deGrasse Tyson to explore space.

Watch Nuts + Bolts here.


Zach Goldbaum takes us around the world to meet people and artists in the most compelling, and sometimes controversial, music scenes.

Watch Noisey here.