People Told Us What They Would Do With 'One More Day' Alive

"Do everything I was afraid to."

Oct 17 2017, 7:00am

Most of us are born with the expectation that we're going to live nice long lives. But the children of Rachel House aren't so lucky. The foundation takes care of terminally ill children, covering the cost of their medical care and providing them with the kinds of love and attention that last a lifetime.

Rachel's House has us all thinking about lucky we all are to be able to live our lives healthy and free. But it also got us thinking a lot about death. Rachel House is running a campaign asking people what they would do if they had one extra day left to live in only six words. We asked our readers the same. Here's their answers:

"Eat as much dim-sum as possible." - Avi, 24

"Probably sleep and eat all day." - Anida, 23

"Play Final Fantasy 8 with Game Shark." - Dhani, 29

"Eat as many Cadbury-Chocolates as possible" - Ananda - 29

"Come out. And lay down, probably." - Felia, 19

"Eat the fanciest food ever made." - Marcel, 30

"Eat my favorite food and person." - Kinar, 18

"NETFLIX and chill plus Happy Meal!" - Trevi, 24

"Eating Chocolate croissants and cheese tarts." - Inesa, 24

"To apologize and pay my debts" - Alfan 31

"Try to do something for society" - Farid, 22

"Be completely honest about my feelings" - Risna, 19

"Cook amazing dinner for my family" - Iva, 21

"Kiss my man in a concert." - Saffa, 21

"Visiting new places with loved ones." - Ayu, 27

"Get a cat and pet it" - Abi, 21

"Buy ingredients for my last meal" - Sol, 22

"i'll thank Rihanna for Fenty Beauty." - Alula, 26

"Tell her I had loved her." - Krisna, 23

"Make a funeral playlist for later." - Devi, 23

"Go to the moon and eat McD" - Habibie, 23

"Eat buckets of KFC fried chicken" - Nadya, 24

"Pray my ass off for forgiveness." - Ajeng, 20

"Do everything I was afraid to." - Icha, 21

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