This Game Turns Bitcoin Value Charts Into Racetracks

'Crypto Rider' is a fun way to learn about the absurd volatility of cryptocurrency.
20 April 2018, 4:00am
Image: Crypto Rider

Still feeling remorseful about missing out on the cryptocurrency wave? Well, instead of hysterically refreshing the price charts, you can have some fun with them instead.

Crypto Rider is a line rider game developed by Daniel Fahey, who “was fed up of watching the charts during the bear market” so decided to develop this game as a bit of lighthearted fun to cheer himself and other prospective investors up.

The game is quite simple on the surface. You tap to accelerate and try to ride the value graphs without flipping over and breaking your neck.

Image: Crypto Rider

As always though, the devil is in the details, and you don’t have to dig too deep to find them. The fun begins when choosing your vessel—in this case, you choose from any one of nine available cryptocurrency cars. Bitcoin is the first one available, but you can purchase and unlock more as you play the game.

Next, you choose a track. Most of the tracks take you from zero to hero with some of the younger cryptocurrencies and the journeys to their all time highs, so if you want a good place to start this would be it. Alternatively, you can play story tracks, such as the one that follows the devastating fall of Bitconnect, the Bitcoin drop from its high near $20,000 to $7,850 USD, and even a fun arcade-style drag race track.

The game is fun—it’s an amusing way to kill some time and have a laugh at the cryptocurrency frenzy that’s gripped the internet over the last year or so. It’s classic, dumb arcade-style fun with a tongue-in-cheek message to it.

Interestingly, though, the game has no audio. In a Reddit post, Fahey wrote, “I imagined most people will be playing whilst travelling and listening to their own music.” It didn’t bother me very much, but the lack of aural feedback when collecting coins did irk me ever so slightly.

If you want to jump aboard a much lighter cryptocurrency train, you can download the game for iOS or Android.

This article originally appeared on Motherboard.