WikiLeaks Founder No Longer Stateless, El Chapo Trial Delayed, and Earthquakes Hit Iraq: The VICE Morning Bulletin

All the news worth reading this morning.

Jan 12 2018, 1:30am

Julian Assange and former Ecuador Foreign Prime Minister Ricardo Patiño in 2016. Photo by Xavier Granja Cedeño via Flickr

International News

Eight Earthquakes Rock Iraq-Iran Border
Seven separate quakes registering at least magnitude five were detected near Mandali in Iraq early Thursday morning, according to the US Geological Survey. Another one took place over the border in Iran in the vicinity of the city of Mehran. Four people were injured, according to Iranian state TV. Tremors were reportedly felt as far away as Baghdad.—AP

Assange Shows Up on Database of Ecuadorian Citizens
The WikiLeaks founder’s full name “Julian Paul Assange” has been found on Ecuador’s registry of citizens. Assange tweeted a photo of himself wearing the national soccer team’s shirt on Wednesday, as reports spread he had been gifted citizenship from his residence at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.—Reuters

Japanese Gang Boss Held After Tattoo Spotted Online
Thai police detained Shigeharu Shirai, a yakuza gang leader accused of killing an adversary over a decade ago, after Japanese detectives noticed his distinctive tattoos in photos taken in Thailand and shared online. Thai police said the 74-year-old will now be extradited to Japan.—BBC News

Everything Else

Woman Who Created ‘Shitty Media Men’ Outs Herself
Moira Donegan said she started the spreadsheet for woman to share stories of sexual harassment and assault “without being needlessly discredited or judged.” She came forward following reports Harper’s might soon name her as the list’s creator.—The Cut

Obama Tells Letterman He Danced with Prince
In a trailer for David Letterman’s new Netflix show, the former president said he danced on stage with the late star not long before he died. Obama described his own dancing as “dad moves” and staying "in the pocket.”—Pitchfork

Jack White Releases New Music
The singer-songwriter dropped new tracks “Connected by Love” and “Respect Commander” on Wednesday. He also announced that a brand new solo album, Boarding House Reach, is on the way.—Noisey

El Chapo Trial Delayed Until September
Judge Brian Cogan moved the Brooklyn federal trial of alleged Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán from April to September. Guzmán's legal team had asked for more time to prepare.—VICE News

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