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Malaysian Man Finds True Love by Advertising Himself on Banners

Looks like dating apps just weren’t his thing.
translated by Jade Poa
14 February 2020, 3:31am
malaysian man advertises self banners find love
Screenshot of the banner via @LATI0S_

This article originally appeared on VICE Indonesia.

Using what is basically a manual version of Tinder, a 35-year-old Malaysian man found his perfect match. Noor Aziro bin Abdullah from Terengganu, Malaysia put up banners around his town (complete with his face, weight, age, and phone number) announcing that he was ready to settle down and get married.

Although he had intended to search for a match locally, he received responses from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Kelantan, Serawak, and even neighbouring country Indonesia.

Then, on January 29, Aziro announced that he found “the one” — a 33-year-old woman also from Terengganu.

“We’re still friends because we just met. Even though she agreed to marry me, we still want to get to know each other better,” Aziro told local media.

After exchanging messages for a few weeks, the pair finally met in person along with Aziro’s sister, Noorazira Abdullah.

“As long as the candidate can accept my brother and our modest family is enough. My brother is only a carpenter and the reason he put up the banner is to find someone who can accept him for who he is.” Noorazira told local media.

And it seems like sometimes, simple is better.

In 2019, Anont Rodthing, a Thai durian tycoon, publicly offered 10 million baht ($321,000), 10 cars, and a house to whoever could woo his 26-year-old daughter and withstand a series of unconventional tests. Since the winner would take over his business, he intended to have candidates try to survive for three months in a durian forest until only one man was left standing. The tournament was cancelled due to too many responses.

Yusaku Maezawa, one of the richest men in Japan, put a halt to his search for the perfect match even after over 27,000 women responded to his public plea for a woman to accompany him to the moon.