I’ve Never Watched Star Wars, So I Asked Fans to Convince Me Why I Should

On May the Fourth, I finally try to figure out what I’ve been missing all these years.
04 May 2020, 10:55am
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Screenshot from Star Wars on YouTube

I’ll be honest, I have never watched a single Star Wars movie. Growing up, I was more interested in the TARDIS than the Millennium Falcon — not that the two fandoms are mutually exclusive, but I missed the Star Wars train and watched as it chugged away.

Still, much like anyone who is even remotely tuned-in to pop culture, Luke Skywalker, stormtroopers, and “May the Force be with you,” somehow still made their way into my latent lexicon. Such is the power of the Star Wars fandom.

In the spirit of May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day, I decided it was time to give the franchise a shot. But I needed a little more convincing, so I asked some of its biggest fans exactly why I should.

Here’s what they said.

Chris, 26

Star Wars fan for 10 years


The lightsaber that Chris uses for duelling at the Saber Legion, a worldwide saber club that hosts saber combat and sparring. Photo courtesy of subject.

You should watch it because it's an emotional thrill ride that will pull at your heartstrings. The scene that stood out the most to me was the build up to Order 66 in The Clone Wars TV show. You know it's going to happen yet you can't help but pray that it won't happen. You can feel the tension. The music and the action are heartfelt. You know that it's the end and you really don't want it to end. That's the best way I can explain The Clone Wars.

There's this group that I am a part of, the Saber Legion, where we do live shows that demonstrate our prowess. It's like fencing but with lightsabers. My lightsaber is a little beat up and shows how much Star Wars means to me, if I'm willing to dress up and look like a crazy person.

David*, 28

Star Wars fan for 20 years

I will be brutally honest. Most guys have this obsession with the Princess Leia scene where she is in bondage in a gold bikini, chained to this Hutt monster that looked like a morbidly obese Trump.

I also think one of the main draws was the directors’ and producers’ ability to branch the main theme out into multiple sequels, each having its own spin-off for different characters. They also change with the times, incorporating Donnie Yen and John Boyega into newer films, appealing to more diverse crowds. Then there is The Clone Wars TV series, which helps fill the gaps between the movies and is well-catered to kids. Star Wars is a journey that accompanies its audience throughout their lives, injecting new life each time we think that it is the end.

Lastly, the interplay between the light and dark, as cliche as it may sound, was well-scripted. Movies like Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode III) was a huge thing, showing how the infamous Darth Vader came to be and how the Dark side overcame the Light. That's my favourite movie. Have I convinced you?

Ramon, 17

Star Wars fan for 12 years

You should be watching Star Wars because, apart from the cultural impact, Star Wars is, from my point of view, one of the greatest stories ever told in fiction. Even if not all the movies are great. It’s an epic tale. All nine episodes create an awesome story. And, of course, all the comics, novels and TV series make it even better. The Clone Wars TV series is really a masterpiece, at least for some episodes. Star Wars is more than a bunch of movies, it’s an epic saga, a story about good, evil, war, justice, love, and destiny. You should definitely watch the saga. Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi, your destiny.

Ruari, 33

Star Wars fan for 25 years

Because what else are you going to do today? Go to work, stop by the gym, hang out with friends and go get some dinner? If the world’s on lockdown, why not watch 22 hours of science fiction fantasy?

Taylor*, 17

Star Wars fan for less than a year

I love Star Wars because of its message of finding family. In all the movies, the protagonists struggle with who they are and how to accomplish their missions, but because of the friendships and bonds they make with others, they are always triumphant in the end.

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