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Woman Orders 'Moana' Cake, Gets 'Marijuana' Cake Instead

She asked for the Disney princess, but got a red-eyed My Little Pony smoking a joint.

by Bettina Makalintal
11 July 2019, 6:54am

Photo: mphillips007 via iStock/Getty Images Plus; Illustration by MUNCHIES Staff

Few threads of internet humor are as reliably funny as cake fails: like the birthday cake that read "Happy Birthday Dick Ha Ha Ha Don't Write That His Name Is Matt," or the "Happy birthday Ana!" greeting that looked a little too much like "Happy birthday Anal." Many a cake decorator surely now lives in fear of having their work immortalized on Cake Wrecks, or spurring drama like the controversy over "cum" cakes at Publix last year.

And yet, sometimes beauty can be found in even the biggest cake misunderstandings. As a Georgia woman named Kensli Taylor Davis posted on Facebook last week, her mother had ordered her a 25th birthday cake themed like Disney's Moana, the family-friendly princess movie about a seafaring teenager, Gothamist pointed out. What she got, however, was a little more grown-up, perhaps a little more clever, and in any case, undeniably more appropriate for this very website.

Instead of Moana or her companion Maui, Davis's cake featured not just a frosting-circled weed leaf, but also a picture of a green "My Little Pony"-style horse, red-eyed, tattooed with a weed leaf, and fully smoking a joint. "Well needless to say these people thought she said marijuana," Davis wrote in the caption. "That ice cream cake was still good though."

The intricacy of the design does seem a little specific to truly be a mistake, but we so desperately want to believe in the magic of these misheard instructions. Either way, we must stan the cake maker behind this masterpiece. Pass that blunt—and a piece of cake.

This article originally appeared on VICE US.

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