This Airbnb Lets You Stay in a BDSM Cage for $150 a Night

Located in a Sydney garage, the listing claims to be "the perfect escape... if you need to be put in your place."

by Gavin Butler
12 November 2018, 2:00pm

Image via the host and Airbnb

Airbnb is a hell of a thing. At the mere click of a button you could hunker down in a Scandinavian igloo or cruise the pristine waters around Cinque Terre on a yacht. Or, if so inclined, you could find yourself locked in a suburban garage in western Sydney to spend the night in a BDSM cage.

A recent listing on the site invites users to stay in “A dark, barren lonely cage” for just $150 AUD a night. The property is advertised as being suitable for one guest, with one bedroom, one bathroom, and wireless internet. But it’s literally just a cage. “In the cage is a blanket, a bottle of water and a empty bottle for your waste,” the description states. “There is NO bed, seating, or creature comforts.”

There are also to be no pets, parties, or events, according to the house rules, and the policies stipulate that the BDSM cage is “Not suitable for children or infants”. So who is it suitable for, you might ask? Well, according to the host, a woman named Liz, the place will suit "subs, slaves, sissies and business men with over-inflated egos.”

Liz also says that her guests have been typically more than happy with their stays.

“The ones who have stayed via my website are already making plans to come back,” she told VICE over email. “One in particular stayed in [the cage] for 17.5 hours.”

Liz—a dom who also goes by the title of Mistress Morgan—runs a kink website and service that specializes in scat, slave, and dungeon BDSM sessions. The cage is in Liz’s garage, and she has a camera in her house so she can “keep an eye on” whoever’s locked up at the time. She also has a walkie talkie so she can stay in touch with her guests—although, by the sounds of things, they’re pretty low maintenance.

“They don’t do much,” she says. “Lie down. Sit down. To them it is an escape from reality—it’s stress relief.”

Liz is yet to make any bookings through her Airbnb listing, and is unsure how popular the cage will be with the website’s standard clientele—namely, people who’ve probably logged on to find a weekend rental for the family. Still, she’s hoping the opportunity will strike a chord with the occasional curious customer.

“I thought people who weren’t interested in BDSM may find the experience an interesting one,” she says. “Plus I thought it was funny just listing it.”

This article originally appeared on VICE AU.