The Guy Who Forced Taiwanese Flight Attendants to Wipe His Ass Is Dead

The world’s shittiest passenger passed away in Thailand.

22 April 2019, 9:38am

The American guy who forced female flight attendants to wipe his ass after taking a shit (L); the traumatised flight attendant Amily Kuo. Photos: Jeff Lin/Facebook

People do shitty things all the time. Some are just worse than others. Butt in the end, Karma can catch up and bestow a cold, hard slap on the cheek(s).

The obese American dude who made quite a splash in January 2019 for forcing Taiwanese female flight attendants to wipe his ass after he had taken a dump on an EVA Air flight from LA to Taipei has been declared as dead. The airline found out from their lawyer that he passed away sometime in March while on vacation in Thailand. At the time, the airline was trying to get in touch to inform him that he was banned from flying on the flight he had dared to book with the same airline, going to San Francisco.

The unpleasant event that first made him infamous unfolded when the wheelchair-bound man threatened to piss all over the floor if the all-female cabin crew didn’t help pull down his pants, claiming to be unable to do so himself because he had hurt his right hand. He even slapped the hand of a crew member who tried to cover his genitals with a blanket, and asked for the toilet door to be left open while he took a shit because he had “difficulty breathing”.

He then refused to leave the lavatory until someone came and wiped his turd-stained ass. And when an attendant put on three surgical gloves and took one for the team, he began to loudly moan, saying “Oh, mm, deeper, deeper.” He then even went on to insist that she didn’t do the dirty work properly and demanded she do it again.

The incident made the man the stinky subject of a social media shitstorm and press conference where a flight attendant cried while talking about the traumatizing experience of cleaning up after the moaning man. The crew member said, "I'll never forget that moment: With his feces still in the toilet, I had nowhere to escape."

In fact, he also reportedly pulled a similar stunt back in May 2018, shitting all over the seat when crew members refused to help him, peeing his pants and even demanding crew members wipe the juice he spilled on his crotch area.

The airline will reportedly refund the anonymous guy's family for his unused airfare.

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