Man Arrested in Singapore Airport for Using a Boarding Pass Just to Say Bye to His Wife

Don’t let rom coms fool you, airport goodbyes are not as romantic as they seem.

by Meera Navlakha
30 August 2019, 5:46am

Photo by Grahame Jenkins via Unsplash.

It’s a fixture in romantic comedies: guy rushes to the airport, jumps through security, declares his undying love, and tries to stop the girl from getting on the plane.

While this makes for a good climax, it’s not so picture-perfect when done in real life.

On Aug. 25, an unidentified 27-year-old man was arrested at Singapore’s Changi Airport for entering the restricted transit area to send off his wife. He managed to do so with a boarding pass but according to a statement from the Singapore Police Force, he was arrested because he had no intention of departing the country.

Changi Airport’s transit areas are considered “Protected Places,” meaning only those with the purpose of traveling are allowed inside.

“Those who misuse their boarding pass to enter into the transit areas, with no intention to proceed to their next destinations, are liable for an offense under the Infrastructure Protection Act,” the police said in its statement.

Authorities deemed that the husband, in this case, overstepped his limits and misused the boarding pass. For this, he could be held liable for violating the Infrastructure Protection Act and face a penalty of not more than $20,000 SGD ($14,000 US), not more than 2 years imprisonment, or both.

Who knew?

And apparently, many others have done the same thing. Just this year, the police have arrested 33 people for the same violation.

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