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This Tiny Karaoke Machine in the Philippines Works Just Like the Real Thing

It only weighs half of a kilogram and is perfect for carpool karaoke.
04 March 2020, 7:07am
mini karaoke machine
[L] Photo by Steven Lilley on Flickr. (CC 

BY-SA 2.0) [R] Photo taken from My Mini Videoke video posted by Ariel Domingo.

Parties in the Philippines are never complete without karaoke. This is true for big family Christmas dinners and daily street-side drinking sessions. Walk around any neighbourhood and you are bound to catch an old man singing an off-key rendition of Don’t Stop Believin' with a glass of gin in hand.

Now, a man has amped up this national obsession even further by building his own karaoke machine that’s small enough to bring everywhere. Ariel Domingo, an entrepreneur, went viral after a video of his tiny invention was posted on YouTube.

In it, you can see Domingo outside his home in Biñan, Laguna singing while holding a small mic attached to a small karaoke that's sitting on a ledge. A phone rests on top of it, displaying the lyrics for him to follow.

The machine looks exactly like the ones seen in almost every karaoke bar in the country but weighs only half of a kilogram (1.1 lbs), speakers included.

In a follow-up video, Domingo explains how to use the rechargeable machine. He connects his phone to the Bluetooth speaker in the mini karaoke and proceeds to open the YouTube app on his phone for a sing-along video. He then grabs the mic to sing some more.

The viral video now has over 30,000 views and many excited commenters who want one for themselves. Now that the music is covered, the question is: where are the mini San Miguel beers?

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