This Python Swallowed A Grown Man Whole

At six meters long, it looked like the snake was just getting started.

by Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
29 March 2017, 9:15am

It's common to see snakes of massive proportion in Sulawesi, but usually, they don't have entire people inside of them. This past weekend, a 25 year-old man from Salubiro, West Sulawesi, was found dead in the belly of a seven meter python. 

The villagers said that Akbar was swallowed by the giant python while working on a palm plantation on Sunday morning. By Monday evening, villagers found a potbellied python who was too heavy to move itself. They captured the snake and cut open his belly where they found a human body that they identified as Akbar.

In the video, you can see villagers slowly cutting along the snake's body to find a person inside. Witnesses said they heard yells coming from the field where the eventually found the massive python. Akbar was thought to be working in that part of the plantation that day.

"The victim was pronounced dead after several villagers cut open the snake belly and found a dead body inside it. The victim has been taken to a funeral home," village resident Mashura told detikcom.

"His wife lives in Palopo [South Sulawesi] and couldn't be contacted to identify the body because phone reception is bad where she lives," village secretary Junaedi told local media on yesterday.

Villagers in Salubiro are used to finding giant snakes around their land, but this was the first time they found one that ate a man whole. "We often found giant pythons around here, but this is the first time one ate a man," village resident Mursalim told TribunSulbar.

Massive snakes have been popping up around the plantation for years.  In 2001, on the same plantation, they found a 9 meter long giant python. Last February, Wahyu, a resident of Payarumbai in Riau, was found strangled death by a 6 meter snake. At least in this case, the snake didn't eat Wahyu.