Red Velvet’s Latest Single ‘Zimzalabim’ Takes You On A Whimsical Carnival Ride

The K-pop girl group is back with a trippy new EP and single.

by Lex Celera
20 June 2019, 9:36am

Screenshot via YouTube

A magic phrase said to have originated from Scandinavian folklore now finds itself the title of a very famous K-pop song.

“Zimzalabim,” chants the members of popular K-pop group Red Velvet in their song of the same name.

Its music video, which accompanies the very recent launch of the group’s latest EP, The ReVe Festival Day 1, is an energetic acid trip through a mysterious carnival, where the group’s members interact with sentient instruments and ride rollercoasters through the clouds.

Fans of Red Velvet and their sound are in for a delightful surprise. As a group, they’re known to incorporate two separate concepts that define their dual identity: “Red” consists of their music that can be classified as bright and fun pop, while “velvet” is defined as their darker, more subdued side.

Both of these elements are at play in the video and throughout the entire EP. Because of this marriage, Red Velvet stands apart from other K-pop groups that would otherwise fall between “sexy” or “cute.” As such, the bulk of their fanbase is also different from the rest: their fan base consists of young women, whereas other group’s fanbases might tend to be predominantly male according to Dazed Digital.

Less than 24 hours after its release on June 19, The ReVe Festival Day 1 skyrocketed to the first spot in the US iTunes Album Chart—the first K-pop girl group to do so. Earlier this year, Red Velvet embarked on a United States tour, joining BLACKPINK and 2NE1 as the few K-pop girl groups to tour the US. The EP is their first Korean-language release of the year.

Check out the music video here: