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Postal Worker Throws Package on Roof, Leaves Instructions to Get it Down

"I accidentally threw your parcel on top of the roof," the delivery notice read. "Use maybe a broom to get it down."

by Gavin Butler
25 June 2019, 7:06am

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This article originally appeared on VICE Australia

It’s fair to say that Australia Post has something of a chequered history when it comes to customer satisfaction. In the 2016–17 financial year the company copped more than a million complaints from disgruntled clientele. A delivery man was recently caught pissing in a pot plant on someone’s front porch. And last week, a woman in Sydney came home to find a package sitting in her roof gutter and a collection notice scrawled with a handwritten message: “I accidentally threw your parcel on top of the roof. My apologies. Use maybe a broom to get it down.”

Merryl Lloyd, from Castle Hill in Sydney’s northwest, shared photos of the package and the accompanying note to Facebook on Friday:

A few things here. First of all, yes: terrible throw. Looking at the above photo I want to say the postie was aiming for the chair on the porch and just completely misjudged either the angle or their own strength. Or maybe they just straight up pegged it from the van. In any case, a truly horrendous lob.

That being the case, there’s something to be said for the way in which they’ve stepped up and taken ownership of the error; admitting to their mistake, apologising, and offering solutions rather than excuses. This candid note tells us a few things about our anonymous culprit: that they didn’t mean for the package to end up on the roof; that they’re sorry; and that they’ve already thought of possible ways to go about dealing with the situation. Merryl told VICE she’s 5’1”, so needed to use “an extension-handled mop to try to knock the package down”—but still, the broom’s not a bad suggestion.

It’s not clear what the repercussions will be for this strong-armed, honest-hearted delivery person. When approached for comment by both Yahoo News and the Daily Mail, an Australia Post spokesperson said “our posties and delivery drivers work hard to ensure customers receive their mail correctly, and we are investigating what has happened in this case. We will also be reaching out to the customer as part of our investigation.”

Meryl told VICE that they have not reached out.

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