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Indonesia Tightens Inspection of Travellers from Singapore Amid Monkeypox Case

Authorities are closely monitoring several ports in Indonesia to prevent the disease from spreading.
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5 days ago

Indonesia Is Home to the Most Climate Change Deniers in the World

Experts say the lack of education and focus on religion are reasons why many Indonesians don't believe in global warming.
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People Are Calling for the Disbandment of Indonesia’s Radical Islamist Group

The online petition demanding the government to refuse the Islamic Defenders Front's permit renewal is gaining traction. But is it enough?
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Is Australia to Blame for Indonesia’s Plastic Waste Problem?

Indonesian activists are saying that trash imported from Australia is clogging Java's second-biggest river.
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Here’s What One Anti-Voting Activist Did on Indonesia's Election Day

In Indonesia, not voting, or golput, is a way for the dissatisfied to make their voices heard.
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Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
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Bad Campaign Posters May Be the Best Thing About Indonesia’s 2019 Elections

I'm ready to say goodbye to those eyesores, though.
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Tribal Leaders, Not Individuals, Will Shape the Election in Papua

In remote villages in Papua, some Indonesians won't get to cast their vote on election day as tribal leaders represent them in a practice called 'noken'.
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Malaysia Frees Indonesian Woman Charged with the Murder of Kim Jong Nam

Authorities are still looking for answers behind Kim Jong-un's estranged brother's murder two years ago.
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Why Blocking Gay Muslim Comics on Instagram Is Pointless

An Instagram account in Indonesia raised LGBTQ issues, pissing off the government. The good news is blocking these accounts does not mean they won’t pop right back up.
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DIY Spirit Is the Only Thing Moving Indonesia's Alcohol Scene Forward

In response to tight regulations on alcohol distribution, people have started to produce their own safe—and most importantly cheap—booze in their backyard.
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Titah AW

Why Indonesians Keep Leaving the Country to Fly Domestic

Sometimes the cheapest trip between Banda Aceh and Jakarta includes a layover in Kuala Lumpur.
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mass confusion

'I’m Like a Lawyer Defending My Political Clients': A Profile of a Social Media Puppet Master

In the final part of "Mass Confusion," writer Adi Renaldi spends the day with a man who coordinates everything from the most-positive social strategies to the darkest of black campaigns.
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