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The Fetish Community Reviving Germany's Forgotten 'Masturbation Booths'

Once a staple on the German high street, the London-based fetish community Klub Verboten is giving "Videokabine" a second life online.
Emma Garland

The Tattoo Industry Is Facing 'A Reckoning'

Power imbalances in the industry are often upheld by lack of regulation, allowing cases of sexual assault and racism to go unchecked – but tattooists are working to change the situation.
Emma Garland

The Reign of the 'Relatable' Celebrity Is Over

Now that the pandemic has made it unavoidably clear that they are not, in fact, just like us, can we go back to fame being fun again?
Emma Garland
What I Miss Most

I Miss the Community of Clubbing

Clubbing is a ritual that you do with people you care about. Dressing up and partying at home is still fun, but you can't feel that same physical connection or get junk food afterwards.
Dorian Electra

'Too Hot to Handle' Is the Sistine Chapel of Horny Reality Shows

Netflix’s latest dating format represents the new zenith of a genre we know and love.
Lauren O'Neill
Emma Garland

What To Watch, Read and Listen To While You're Bored and Self-Isolating

Don't lose your head: pass the hours with some picks from VICE UK's culture writers.
Hannah Ewens
Ryan Bassil
Lauren O'Neill
Emma Garland
Daisy Jones

What Your Taste in Men Says About You

To all you straight ladies out there: come and check yourselves.
Nana Baah
Emma Garland
Hannah Ewens
Five Questions

Five Questions for... the '1 in 30 People Who Poo in the Shower'

What is it like to just be casually squashing a human shit down a plug hole with one’s foot?
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
End of the 2010s

An A-Z of Things the 2010s Killed

RIP Vine, American Apparel and uploading 207 photos to Facebook after an average night out.
Emma Garland
End of the 2010s

The A-Z of New Words Birthed by the 2010s

It's been a long decade, lads.
Emma Garland

Period Behaviour: A Guide

From dressing horribly to getting very sincerely into "wellness", here are some of the bad decisions you make while bleeding out what feels like half of your body weight.
Emma Garland

The Most Depressing Things About Living in a House Share

As high rents force people to cohabit for longer than ever before, adulthood is now defined by waiting to shower and being shushed for having an orgasm.
Emma Garland