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Michael Cohen

'Gangsters' and Golden Showers: 10 of the Wildest Stories from Michael Cohen's New Trump Tell-All

You'll want to hear about the "favor" connected to Jerry Falwell's wife riding topless on a tractor.
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5 Wild Stories From the New Tell-All Book About Melania Trump

The first lady's former aide shares juicy tales of backbiting, inauguration chaos, and why Melania wouldn't use Michelle Obama's bathroom.
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Trump’s Sister Begged Him To Stop Tweeting: 'Cut Off His Twitter Account'

VICE News obtained audio of Maryanne Trump Barry talking about her brother to her niece Mary Trump.
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Trump’s Sister Thought His ‘Blatant Racism’ Would Stop Him From Becoming President, Book Says

A new book by President Trump's niece Mary Trump is full of scathing details of what Trump's sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, really thinks of him.
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Donald Trump

Mary Trump's Damning Tell-All Book About Trump's ‘Fatal Flaws’ Is Coming Out After All

An appellate court judge overturned a temporary restraining order against the publisher, saying the company isn't bound by the author's non-disclosure agreement.
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16 Batshit Crazy Moments From John Bolton’s Book About Trump

Bolton writes Trump obsessed for months over getting a signed CD of Elton John's "Rocket Man" to Kim Jong Un. And he thought invading Venezuela would be "cool."
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Facebook Just Banned a Trump Campaign Ad for Using a Nazi Symbol

“The Nazis used red triangles to identify their political victims in concentration camps,” ADL president Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted on Thursday.
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Trump’s Niece Is About to Publish a Book That Tears Him Apart

The family tell-all by his only niece, a clinical psychologist, promises to dissect Trump’s “lethal flaws.”
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police brutality

The UN Will Debate ‘Systemic Racism’ and ‘Police Brutality’ in the U.S.

The scheduled debate follows a request by Burkina Faso on behalf of 54 African countries.
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Welp Trump’s Own Former Defense Secretary Just Compared Him to the Nazis So That Happened

James “Mad Dog” Mattis just slammed the president as a threat to America’s Constitution.
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Trump Just Threatened to Use the U.S. Military Against Americans

Trump’s plan involves invoking a two-century-old law known as the Insurrection Act, which allows the president to deploy troops inside the country.
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Trump Says He's Been Taking Hydroxychloroquine for 'About a Week and a Half'

His stunning announcement suggests an unprecedented willingness to conduct a pharmaceutical experiment on himself.
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