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12 Songs Ruined by Our Exes

Love-themed playlists are a sham. We know your ex left with your favorite hoodie, your heart, and that song you can no longer play on repeat.
VICE Staff

Forget Cali Sober. Now There's Vape Sober

Inside the massive underground network of people who help each other stay off drugs—and are ready to fight back against vape bans.
Alex Norcia
best of the 2010s

The 2010s Were the Decade When Black Protest Music Went Mainstream

Beyoncé, Solange, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Rihanna released provocative, forward-thinking albums during the rise of the Trump candidacy, solidifying Black music's legacy as protest music.
Kristin Corry

The 2010s Were the Decade That Genre Collapsed

Over the past 10 years, our collective cultural melting pot has boiled over, giving us exciting young artists who resist fitting into any box at all.
Sam Goldner
best of the 2010s

A Eulogy for the Mix CD, the Best Way to Tell Someone 'I Like You'

Mix CDs have been innovated out of existence—but nothing has managed to replace how meaningful it was to make and receive them.
Drew Schwartz

The Ultra-Orthodox Community's Sex Abuse Crisis Has Finally Reached a Tipping Point

Thanks to a new law, one of the most secretive and isolated subcultures in the United States is facing possible exposure.
Hella Winston

I Manipulated Lonely Teachers to Steal Tests in High School

I got the idea when I was working at a movie theater.

The Story of the Very First Thing Securely Sold on the Internet

25 years ago, a college kid named Dan Kohn had the novel idea to let people buy things online. The first thing he ever sold was a Sting solo album.
Rob Arcand

People Are Hungry for Shroom Legalization, and the Money to Fund It Is Growing

A lobbying group called "SPORE." A "psychedelic caucus" in Congress that includes AOC. And lots of cash.
Alex Norcia
Objectively Correct Lists

The 37 Best Ambient Albums of 2019 So Far

The world is stressful. Throw on these albums for a little bit of peace.
Colin Joyce
Scam Academy

These Engineering Students Built a Special Pen Just for Cheating on Tests

"We didn't really need to cheat, because we already had 3.9 GPAs."
Objectively Correct Lists

33 Essential Albums You Probably Missed So Far in 2019

There's been so much good music in 2019. Here's the best of what you haven't heard.
Noisey Staff