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American Journalist Working for Environment News Site Arrested In Indonesia

The 30-year-old was put behind bars for allegedly misusing his visa, but observers say his detention is an attempt by the government to stifle press freedom.
Adi Renaldi
a day ago
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Indonesian Government Deploys ‘Mosque Hunters’ Who Use Drones to Combat Radicalism

Indonesia is home to an estimated 700,000 mosques, and some of them are teeming with radical ideologies.
Adi Renaldi
2 days ago
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Man With Expired Visa and No Money Stranded in Indonesia After Attempting to Swim to Australia

The 31-year-old Algerian national likely underestimated the 570-kilometre swim.
Vania Evan
3 days ago

Uncovering The Origins of Punk Rock in Indonesia

It took nearly 20 years after the birth of punk for Indonesians to embrace the genre.
Alvin Yunata
4 days ago

A Marriage Ceremony for Rocks Is a Hotspot for Creatives in This Indonesian Village

Rocks are matched up and “wedded” at this bizarre cultural display.
Titah AW
4 days ago
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The Case of Britain’s ‘Most Prolific Rapist’ Highlights Everything That Is Wrong With How Indonesia Handles Rape Cases

Sexual assault cases in Indonesia are often plagued with victim-blaming, homophobia, lack of follow-up action, and injustice.
Laras Susanti

We Visited a Mass Female Circumcision Ceremony in Indonesia

Parents bring girls as young as 3 months old to undergo the procedure that is known to cause sexual dysfunction, cysts, and birthing complications.
Adi Renaldi
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Britain’s ‘Most Prolific’ Rapist Was a Man Who Drugged and Raped 190 People

The Indonesian national was a doctoral student in the United Kingdom. Police uncovered over 3 terabytes of videos showing the attacks from his devices.
Ikhwan Hastanto
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Here’s Why You Should Care About the Jakarta Floods and How You Can Help

The floods have claimed and displaced more lives than Australia’s bushfires, yet international media is paying the crisis little attention.
Jade Poa
Environmental Extremes

Jakarta’s Floods Are Yet Another Wake-Up Call on Climate Change

Nearly 93,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes, while 60 have died.
Adi Renaldi
Holidays 2019

Inside Indonesia’s Artificial Snow Wonderlands

One of the few places you can find snow on the equator is inside shopping malls.
Muhammad Ishomuddin

An Indonesian Regency Is Banning Christians From Hosting Christmas Celebrations

The alternative is to go to the nearest church... 135 kilometres away.
Ikhwan Hastanto