Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Incredible Edible Me

I Made Meringues Out of My Own Blood and Ate Them

"I'm not sure how to describe the smell they had."
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Hong Kong's Creationist Theme Park Is Somehow Worse Than It Sounds

I tried to give Noah's Ark Hong Kong a fair shake. What I found there bordered on terrifying.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

This Theme Park Devoted to Ancient Aliens Really Makes You Think

One of the park's main attractions is a flight simulator that suggests Peru's Nazca Lines might be a landing strip for alien craft.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Meet the Superfans Spending Tens of Thousands on Escape Rooms

“I didn’t think I’d ever be into something so much as I am escape rooms. Now everyone knows me as 'Escape Room Girl.'"
Justin Caffier

Michael Jackson Stans React to 'Leaving Neverland' with Bus Ads and Death Threats

In the lead up to the premiere of the documentary this weekend, Jackson fans were ramping up their attempts to discredit the film.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

'Abducted in Plain Sight' Is the Craziest True Crime Documentary on Netflix

The film documents a tragedy so incomprehensible, audiences don't know how to react.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Photos of Porn Superfans at the World's Biggest Porn Event

Like Comic-Con, fans can pay to get an autograph or photo from their favorite performers. Unlike Comic-Con, some will also allow you to motorboat them for an additional charge.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Inside the Incredibly Bizarre World of Japanese Mascots

From sentient douches to hepatitis elephants, Japan has a mascot for every occasion.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Photos of Christmas Decorations in Depressing Places

Whether it's at the DMV, a cemetery, or a building where children go to be treated for cancer, everyone seems keen to spread a little festive cheer.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

We Watched Horror Movies in the Locations They're Set and AGHHHHHH

Watching 'The Blair Witch Project' in the actual woods at night is not a good idea.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Justin Caffier
Janae Price

The History of the World Is Being Carved into Stone by an Old Man in the Desert

Jacques André-Istel has spent 30 years creating a museum he thinks will be there after humanity has departed Earth.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

I Went to the Playboy Mansion (and It Was Kinda Depressing)

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Playboy Mansion for a screening of that new Jennifer Lopez/Jason Statham movie, 'Parker.'
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete