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Hackers Are Finding Footage on Police Body Cams They Bought on eBay

Hackers are buying used body cameras on eBay and finding troves of video evidence.
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Black Lives Matter

K-Pop Fans Took Down a Police Snitching App

The iWatch Dallas app was taken down after K-pop accounts encouraged fans to flood its submissions with idol videos and memes.
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george floyd

Bail Funds Are Being Flooded With Donations for George Floyd Protestors

With COVID-19 still ravaging vulnerable communities, bailing protesters out of jail has become a matter of life and death.
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Activists Are Trying to Stop the FBI From Snooping on Your Web History

After a prolonged fight in Congress, Nancy Pelosi could reattach a privacy-preserving amendment that failed by one vote in the Senate.
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mass surveillance

US Senate Votes to Allow FBI to Look at Web Browsing History Without a Warrant

The government just got even more power to spy on internet habits as millions remain quarantined at home.
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Why I’m Delivering Baked Goods to Neighbors During the Pandemic

Zoom parties and virtual dates feel like empty nostalgia for the Before Times.
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mutual aid

Meet The DIY Ravers Giving Free Masks to Every New Yorker

Masks For The Masses wants everyone in New York City to have a cloth mask—no questions asked.
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We’re Running Out of Face Masks, But You Can Make One Yourself

Amateur crafters are sending improvised masks to the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. With a bit of practice, you can make one for yourself.
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