Lucian Constantin

Lucian Constantin is a contributing writer for Motherboard. He is based in Romania and has been covering computer security and the hacker culture for nearly a decade. His work has appeared in many technology publications including Forbes, PCWorld, Computerworld, CSO, The Inquirer, The New Stack and Softpedia. He has a bachelor's degree in political science, but he's been passionate about computers and cybersecurity from an early age. Before dedicating himself to a career in journalism, he worked as a system and network administrator. He enjoys attending security conferences, talking to technical people and delving into interesting research papers. 

You can reach him at or @lconstantin on Twitter.
Lucian's PGP key's fingerprint is: 7A66 4901 5CDA 844E 8C6D 04D5 2BB4 6332 FC52 6D42