Attending the ‘World’s Biggest UFO Conference’ Showed Me It's a Golden Age for Believers

We spoke to attendees of ‘Contact in the Desert’ about the US military’s recent acknowledgement that UFOs are maybe a thing.
Nick Rose
Fast Food

How Global Food Prices Led to the Rise of Fast Food

With Western convenience, of course, comes high levels of fat, sugar, and salt.
Nick Rose

Electrocuting Eggs Will Get Rid of Their Fart Smell

Japanese researchers found that treating an egg with electricity will get rid of any noxious odor (and make the egg white softer).
Nick Rose
food safety

Restaurant Hit with Huge Fine for Serving Food on Dirty Wooden Boards

"Wooden plates could pose a risk of food poisoning to anyone eating from them."
Nick Rose
space food

Pizza and Ice Cream Are Headed for the International Space Station

Sounds a lot better than your average space food.
Nick Rose
hype food

2018 Will Be the Year of Mushroom Coffee and Jackfruit, Says Whole Foods

The chain is willing to bet that you're also going to be eating a lot of food waste. Care for some watermelon rinds?
Nick Rose

Man Spent $10,000 on Shot of Rare Whiskey that Turned Out to Be Fake

TFW you drop ten grand on a single glass of "19th century" booze and it ends up being some mid-range garbage from the 70s.
Nick Rose

Lawsuit Claims that 'Diet' Soda Makes People Gain Weight

Diet soda has been under fire for decades from groups and experts who say that it's not a healthy option.
Nick Rose
dream jobs

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Professional Pizza Taster?

There's finally an opening for what might just be the most desirable occupation in the world.
Nick Rose

Will Self-Driving Cars Make Us All into a Bunch of Drunks?

They could completely alter the face of the restaurant, bar, and car industries.
Nick Rose

Scientists Want to Turn Pee into Astronaut Food

This is great news for science fiction writers.
Nick Rose
Fast Food Week

How the Big Mac Changed the Way We Think About Food

We spoke to chefs, data journalists, YouTube stars, and McDonald’s about the burger that became edible Americana.
Nick Rose