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Inside the Indonesian Dance Ceremony Where Animal Spirits ‘Possess’ Humans

The mystical ceremony, which originated in the 1200s, portrays the struggle of the lower class using the spirits of bulls, tigers, and monkeys.
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Pilots Complain About Music Coming From Pirate Radios Used by Indonesian Fishermen

It turns out that it's not just fishermen who can hear the music, pilots whose planes happen to pass overhead do too.
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Following Deaths of Two Student Protesters in Indonesia, Six Police Officers Are Now Under Investigation for Carrying Firearms

The police said that five non-commissioned officers and one commissioned officer are suspected of mismanaging the protest.
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Malaysian Authorities Claim Wild Boars Swam to Their Shores All the Way From Indonesia

This might be the weirdest immigration scandal ever.
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Indonesia Could Soon Criminalise Anal Sex and Cohabitation Outside of Marriage

Conservative groups have been trying to police these private matters since 2017 and Indonesia’s House of Representatives is now seriously considering legislation that would make this possible.
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A Timeline of the Ongoing West Papua Protests Taking Over Java

Protests are erupting across Java with no end in sight, in response to alleged hate speech against Papuans by Indonesian police. The problem is rooted in longstanding discrimination and violence against West Papuans.
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In Indonesia, Ride-Hailing Apps Fail to Adequately Address Sexual Abuse

As sexual abuse cases against women commuters rise, ride-hailing companies are criticised for their inaction.
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